Friday, September 09, 2005

Hotel Wayfairer, Wimbledon hotel, South West London

Hotel Wayfairer, a hotel in South West London has gone live. I was going to say that this is the first live site to benefit from our close partnership with Creative Cattle.

...but that's not quite true; Wednesday's post about Azright Law forgot to mention that Damian worked on many of the images.

Hotel Wayfairer photoshoot

Hotel Wayfairer, however, is the result of the biggest collaboration to date, with the full range of combined WandD / Creative Cattle services.

With web design and promotion from WandD and photography and digital retouching from Creative Cattle.

So next time you need somewhere to stay in Wimbledon, make sure your first choice is Hotel Wayfairer.

Incidentally, Hotel Wayfairer is one of the few Wimbledon hotels where pets are welcome.

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