Friday, February 17, 2006

MSN success

MSN, we shouldn't be this high

We were amazed and shocked to see that if you search on msn for "high ranking website", we come top!

A while back Will and I wrote and "optimised" a page for the term high ranking website. This was the first time we have sat down and tried to follow the "rules".

We put our keywords into the title, into the header, and we bolded and italisced them. We mixed up how we used the words so that they weren't always in the same order, or infact even in the sentence.

And then we stopped

MSN shows that there are two inbound links to our page. With the one above that will make it 3, and I might add one from to just see what happens. Everything anyone has told us about seo is that it is the number of inbound links that make the difference in the ranking. So what happened?

At the end of the day, we have no right to be at the top of msn. We suspect that msn pays attention to the word order, and that no-one else in the world, anywhere, has optimised for the phrase high ranking website. We did deliberately choose what appeared (no research, just at first glance) to be a non-competitive phrase, but this is just silly.

Have we stumbled across a magic formula, I doubt it. Will we be top in 6 months time, I doubt that also. Have we learnt anything, probably not. Was it fun .... well coming top for a phrase that makes you sound like an seo company was a hoot, so I guess so.

To satisfy your curiosity, we don't appear in the top 200 on google or yahoo!

You'll forgive me if I don't give our top position up that easily.... So just for luck, do you know anyone who wants a high ranking website, even if it is just on msn!?

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