Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Technology developments and some new sites

Firstly, the traditional update on new live sites:

We're proud of the free motivation ebook - it looks fantastic and everyone who reads it is free to forward it to their or host it themselves and so we hope it will spread.

As well as these new sites, we have been keeping ourselves busy wrestling with some new technology. We are fighting text-encoding with an attempted iso to UTF migration for content manager (don't hold your breath) to enable us to deploy websites in even more languages than we can at the moment.

The final bit of new technology this week has been the configuration of a webcam for Flower Sanctuary. It's currently working on the test website and we are just waiting for a long enough network cable to enable it to point somewhere more interesting than the stairwell before we put it live. It's very exciting - check back here for updates when it goes live.

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Blogger kshane said...

As far as new technologies go, have you seen ipagez? www.ipagez.com puts magazines and books online. It is really sleek and loads super fast. Let me know what you think. I love it. I emailed them asking about books and they sent me a great sample, very easy to read. The site has other samples on it too.

15 November, 2005 21:33  

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