Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dermalogica online store from Michelle Louise

You already know about our friendly local hair and beauty salon, Michelle Louise hair and beauty. The online shop, where you can buy Dermalogica products online has just gone live.

A milestone for WandD and Michelle Louise

This is a milestone for both WandD and Michelle Louise. It is our first live site with a shopping cart. We have written shopping carts in the past, but decided that writing one with all the features online shoppers now expect is not in our core strategy, so we are using X Cart shopping cart software - see it in action at


Michelle has noticed that a lot of people say Dermatalogica when they mean Dermalogica, so if you are looking to buy Dermatalogica products online, you should go to as well!

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07 April, 2006 23:10  

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