Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another two steps along the road

WandD took another two significant steps yesterday. The first is clearly more significant immediately: we paid back the last remaining fraction of our directors' loans. WandD now has no debts (and it only ever owed us money). We are very excited about this and see it as a huge jump towards where we want to be. The second step may have more long-term significance, however...

...we 'interviewed' a candidate! We have now had two (unsolicited) job applications. Since we don't have offices yet, it's early days to be hiring anyone, so we have been surprised by the applications.

In both cases, we wrote back saying that we had no full-time work but that we do have occasional pieces of work on a project-by-project basis. Yesterday's interview came about because the guy said he was looking for something more full time but might be interested in an unpaid work experience role initially. The lack of an office could well still prove to be a sticking point, but we'll see.

At this stage, the most valuable thing to come of it is the experience we gained from running an interview. Even though we didn't do it particularly formally, I think we learnt a lot about where our strengths and weaknesses are in that kind of situation. The thing I was most surprised about was how hard I found it to be critical - I found it very easy to be in 'conversation' mode rather than analysing what I thought he would be like to work with. Hopefully we'll get to practice this more in the future!

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