Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Customers you don't want

There is a lot of business advice about there being certain clients you don't want. WandD has just had its first experience of turning down work. Up until now, there has been work we haven't won for one reason or another, but this was our first experience of having exact knowledge of both the brief and the budget and choosing not to go for it.

Luckily for him, the potential client has now found someone offering to do all the work in the substantial brief to his budget. We admitted to him that we were a little sceptical, based on our knowledge of our own overheads (minimal - usually leading to our prices being at the low end relative to our competitors).

We've wished him good luck!

The other end of the scale

At the other end of the scale, both Duncan and I spent a full day yesterday with Richard Denny working on a full-blown Internet strategy for his business. It was easily the most exciting thing we have done to date. We don't yet know the full consequences for either business, but watch this space for lots of exciting developments, including ebooks, podcasts and blogs with real insight!

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