Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Busy executive? You need BJB Travel

Sorry if this post reads a little like an advert, but I think it's a great service offered by our latest client to go live, BJB Travel. They offer full travel management for busy executives. Based near Farringdon station in London, they handle flights, hotels, car hire, the works.

Exciting WandD news

There is a lot happening at WandD at the moment, including our biggest and most challenging client project to date. It's very exciting and scary all at the same time. We will be writing more about it, but in the meantime, the sneak preview is that it has to do with Richard Denny, a big marketing campaign and lots of free stuff. The first free thing is going to be an ebook download of The Laws of Motivation, a chapter from his best-selling book, Motivate to Win. You can buy his other great books via our sites as well: Selling to Win, Communicate to Win and Succeed for Yourself.

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