Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An interesting testimonial

Another couple of sites are live: Graham Thomas Hypnotherapy and Inspirational Singing Workshops.

Graham Thomas offers treatment for a wide range of symptoms and complaints including: stress, anxiety, stopping smoking, phobias, IBS etc.

Inspirational Singing offers Opera to Order, Workshops to Order, Musicals to Order and a number of other singing services.

We didn't design the Inspirational Singing website from scratch - the initial design (and, in fact the initial build) was done by a design company. We got a good testimonial for our work, however.

Google mysteries

We have been having fun recently with our portfolio pages ranking above the pages they describe for relevant search words (and even had people call us up looking for the services our clients offer). We obviously want our clients to come above our portfolio pages in the search engines for their search terms, but when they have new sites, this is sometimes tricky. One example is June Fettes, who we are still trying to get into Google for executive coach Perth, or I guess, even more ambitiously, executive coach Scotland.

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