Wednesday, March 30, 2005

12" Powerbook

Nice eye-candy, getting used to actually working the thing

I needed a new laptop (my trusty old Thinkpad is on its last legs). Since WandD is getting properly underway, this was becoming ever more important. I needed a laptop that would be both:

  • Small and light
  • Usable on the move (wifi, bluetooth etc.)

I had my eye on getting an Apple Powerbook because I had been impressed by OS X (for its usability combined with the power of the console when needed). I finally took the plunge on Monday and so I've had it for two days now, and whilst I'm still getting used to the keyboard shortcuts and other bits and pieces that are different between any operating systems, I'm impressed!

There are other benefits to us having a number of different platforms between us - principally that it becomes a lot easier to test and to see our work as any of our potential visitors might.

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