Wednesday, June 15, 2005

JPEG resource fork breaks Internet Explorer

I didn't expect that one. I had to script some image manipulation while creating a site for a client. The Mac is good for this kind of thing - I needed to convert large .tif files into smaller .jpg files and upload into our content manager.

JPEGs created in OS X didn't display in Internet Explorer

Everything went smoothly and the test on my machine worked fine - Safari successfully showed the images in the site and all was hunky dory. Unfortunately, JPEGs created in OS X didn't display in Internet Explorer and I got little red crosses instead of images. this site appeared to be helpful and I thought I could solve the problem using the same software I had used to do the scripting in the first place - graphic converter.

When I followed the instructions, it still didn't work - my images were still broken for the web. Eventually, since I was looking for a command-line scripting program anyway, I decided to download Image Magick (also available for Linux and Windows). This program is amazing. I'm only scraping the surface of what it can do but some of the examples are fantastic.

I eventually wrote the final script - it passes through .png on the way to .jpg but it finally works. Command line image manipulation is going to save me a lot of time!

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