Thursday, June 23, 2005

Would you want Gordon Ramsay as your boss?

Recently Will posted about the TV show Gordon Ramsay - Kitchen Nightmares and how, whilst he is undoubtably a fantastic chef a lot of the advice Gordon gave was about how to run the business.

The BBC magazine has an article about Gordon Ramsay, which echos our view of his skills being Management rather than necessarily chef based.

Compliments to the chef by Denise Winterman (BBC News Magazine).

Gordon Ramsay didn't get three Michelin stars just by swearing at his staff. What's so successful about his management style?

Along side the article there is a voting button, I, like the majority of other people have voted yes. What would you vote?

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Blogger Will said...

As you probably guessed, yes. I would.


23 June, 2005 19:01  

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