Monday, December 12, 2005

DirectorsTALK - exclusive phone service

Another go-live (they all happened in a spate as usual) is DirectorsTALK, the exclusive telephone service for company directors, that offers great packages on home -- business calls. We have worked with the guys behind DirectorsTALK on a number of other projects and we're looking forward to hearing the feedback on this project.

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Controlled Event Solutions

Controlled Event Solutions is another website that has recently gone live - they are the leading crowd control and safety management providers in the UK, dealing with security at Old Trafford, Twickenham, Trent Bridge and many other stadiums and events.

Their sister company, Controlled Training Solutions provides quality training within the security industry. We met the people at CES through Oriel Solutions - thanks guys!

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June Fettes, Executive Coach and Personal Counsellor

June Fettes' website went live at a few weeks ago and she has already started receiving positive feedback (see the testimonial we got from June!).
We're really pleased with the way June's website turned out - the nature of her work means we needed to portray her friendly approach along with loads of professionalism and I think we achieved that.
June's leadership coaching page aims to be particularly professional in its approach because of the target market, whereas the counselling page aims more to be approachable.

Flock, a sociable browser
Incidentally, this blog post was made using the built-in tools with Flock. It seems very easy to use - we'll see how the post pans out.
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