Monday, September 26, 2005

Choose a cheap phone package in the UK

There are a lot of deals out there and you might be interested in how to choose a cheap phone package in the UK. There are a lot of firms offering cheaper prices than BT, but one of our recent clients has a brilliant selling point that might just convince you they are the ones.

Choose a cheap phone package in the UK - choose Eze Gift

Eze Gift Ltd. have just launched a cheap phone package with the added benefit that you can make a regular cost-free donation to your favourite cause at the same time.

As well as saving you money compared to your BT bill, Eze Gift give 5% of your monthly bill to a cause that you nominate. It strikes me that this is a painless way to support your favourite cause.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another two steps along the road

WandD took another two significant steps yesterday. The first is clearly more significant immediately: we paid back the last remaining fraction of our directors' loans. WandD now has no debts (and it only ever owed us money). We are very excited about this and see it as a huge jump towards where we want to be. The second step may have more long-term significance, however...

...we 'interviewed' a candidate! We have now had two (unsolicited) job applications. Since we don't have offices yet, it's early days to be hiring anyone, so we have been surprised by the applications.

In both cases, we wrote back saying that we had no full-time work but that we do have occasional pieces of work on a project-by-project basis. Yesterday's interview came about because the guy said he was looking for something more full time but might be interested in an unpaid work experience role initially. The lack of an office could well still prove to be a sticking point, but we'll see.

At this stage, the most valuable thing to come of it is the experience we gained from running an interview. Even though we didn't do it particularly formally, I think we learnt a lot about where our strengths and weaknesses are in that kind of situation. The thing I was most surprised about was how hard I found it to be critical - I found it very easy to be in 'conversation' mode rather than analysing what I thought he would be like to work with. Hopefully we'll get to practice this more in the future!

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Another relaxation / recovery site: reflexologist

All your relaxation / recovery from the WandD website!

Following Muirhead Roberts Physiotherapy is Body and Sole reflexology, Lizzie Grant offers reflexology in South West London - in particular offering maternity reflexology and reflexology for infertility.

Lizzie has a room at Michelle Louise Hair and Beauty and also travels to clients' homes.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Muirhead Roberts Physiotherapy in Balham

All my recent posts seem to be about websites going live - I guess that just shows how busy we have been. Still, not one to break with tradition, here's the latest - Muirhead Roberts, a physiotherapist in Balham, South West London.

Although we wrote this site from the ground up, it is really just a re-implementation. Muirhead Roberts already had a site but it was becoming out of date - a perfect candidate for content manager.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Denny Publishing, another piece of work for Richard Denny

Denny Publishing is another piece of work for Richard Denny, our sales guru. Denny Publishing was founded in 2000 by Richard Denny, author, business consultant and inspirational speaker.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Hotel Wayfairer, Wimbledon hotel, South West London

Hotel Wayfairer, a hotel in South West London has gone live. I was going to say that this is the first live site to benefit from our close partnership with Creative Cattle.

...but that's not quite true; Wednesday's post about Azright Law forgot to mention that Damian worked on many of the images.

Hotel Wayfairer photoshoot

Hotel Wayfairer, however, is the result of the biggest collaboration to date, with the full range of combined WandD / Creative Cattle services.

With web design and promotion from WandD and photography and digital retouching from Creative Cattle.

So next time you need somewhere to stay in Wimbledon, make sure your first choice is Hotel Wayfairer.

Incidentally, Hotel Wayfairer is one of the few Wimbledon hotels where pets are welcome.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Azright Law, specialists in intellectual property and commercial law

The Azright Law website is now live. I met Shireen, the principal of Azright Law at the speed networking event at B2B London.

Cyberduck and FTP fun

This is the first site for a while that we have written but not hosted. Since we work on the same LAN as our test server (and the rollout from test to live is all automated), command-line FTP has been plenty of control for me to do all the FTPing I have had to do since I got my Powerbook.

I did a bit of searching and found CyberDuck, a fantastic, free (donations appreciated) graphical FTP program. They've come a long way since I last used one and would recommend the 'synchronise folder' functionality to even hardened command-line afficionados.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Every web developer should read this ebook

Seth Godin (what a great homepage - read his free ebook and you'll see that he does follow his own advice) has a free ebook all about how websites should work.

Pick one thing

The hardest lesson (but a very good one) is that a landing page should do one thing. This is a hard lesson to learn. It's something we definitely want to focus on - to move sites from 'nice, but like any other site' to 'makes money'.

We really wanted to do this on the WandD homepage but ended up being unable to decide whether we wanted to suggest people look at our portfolio or that they contact us.

We're going to make the call (in fact we'll be trying it both ways to see what works) and being bold about it soon. It's on the list.

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