Saturday, April 29, 2006


WandD is changing. We're growing and we're learning. We're still doing pretty much everything we were doing a year ago when we started, but we're also doing some new things. Not all of this is reflected yet in our website, our newsletters or even our marketing. But it's happening. Sometimes change happens faster than you can tell people about it.

We moved into our new office nearly 3 weeks ago and we haven't really told that many people yet (we've been too busy!) - but watch out for the newsletter coming soon. We're also launching some new services - a few of our clients are already signed up to our small business email package that offers IMAP email available from anywhere (your regular computer, other computers via webmail, mobile devices) and we are just putting the finishing touches on our virtual PBX phone system that allows small businesses to run voice over IP telephone systems with all the functionality they need (including multiple extensions / voicemail boxes, call forwarding, call divert, call recording) at a fraction of the price this traditionally costs.

I read Guy Kawasaki's book The Art of the Start this afternoon - I had been meaning to buy it for a while but finally got round to it after deciding to buy a number of books off his top 10 books list (good marketing tactic, Guy). If you haven't read it, go get a copy. When you've done that and read it, come back and read the next paragraph!

I really like the idea of a company mantra and I'm still working on it, but I quite like 'communicate'. Our websites are all about helping people communicate, and our new services even more so. I like it as a mantra though because it sums up how we want to work internally and with respect to our customers - we're always looking for ways to communicate more. Anyway, a work in progress, but as Guy himself says, ship, fix, ship, fix, ship, fix, ship......

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