Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Plain English guides

As well as the seminars, we have been busy recently writing some documents that we hope will be useful to clients and potential clients (and other people, I suppose, though it's harder to justify writing for them as a marketing strategy!).

Our new plan for marketing is to share as much of our knowledge as we can as widely as possible. We hope that by doing this, we can get people reading the things we write and coming to our seminars. Once we are in a dialogue with people, it will hopefully become clear very quickly whether we can help their business make more money - if we can, then hopefully we are entering "no-brainer" territory for selling to them.

So after running our first seminar last week, we buckled down and finished the guides we have been writing for a while. We have grouped them under the title of Plain English guides. You can read more about the series of plain English guides on our website. The idea is that they make subjects accessible to people who had previously been put off by the technical skills needed. The guides we have written so far are:

  • Plain English guide to getting your website in the search engines which aims to give people the basic skills they need to start promoting their website online by getting it to appear in the major search engines for appropriate words and phrases
  • Plain English guide to Google Adwords which builds on the information we covered in our Google Adwords seminar to show people how they can advertise their website on Google
  • Plain English guide to choosing a web designer which is always going to be a little bit biased, but aims to explain the technical questions that should be at the front of your mind when you are looking for a web designer to help with building a website for your business

We hope they are helpful!

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Google Adwords Seminar

I should probably have written about this before it happened to publicise it as well as doing a write-up. Oh well - been too busy. We ran a very successful first seminar last week (Tuesday 27th June) on the subject of Google Adwords.

The idea was to give small businesses a guide to the basics of setting up and running an account and advertising their website through Google. We get asked quite a lot about ways of driving more traffic to websites and this was a way of giving people some of the tools they need.

Our next seminar is going to be on Tuesday 12th September on the subject of getting your site in the search engines - aiming to give people access to the basics of search engine optimisation.

We got over 30 people to our first seminar which we were very happy with and the people who came enjoyed themselves - probably helped by the combination of food and drink that was included in the price. We have made the materials and a couple of photos available online if anyone is interested.

Incidentally, lots of sites have been going live and we should have been 'bigging them up' here but that's been the kind of thing that has been languishing un-done on my todo list recently. I need to get my act in gear.

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