Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tomorrow's the day

No whooping till we get in the car

I'm expecting that working in a company where I'm a director is going to amplify everything - make all the experiences that bit more. I'm sure the lows will be lower, but it's the highs I can't wait for. I have a sales pitch at 10am tomorrow and now it feels like I have pre-game nerves. Just like before you step on the court (/pitch/track/etc. - pick your sport), when you are buzzing and ready to go, but before you can really do anything to affect the outcome.

Duncan and I used to have a saying when we first started building a business together 'no whooping till we get in the car'. It stemmed from our very first sale, when we left the client's office and had to restrain ourselves from running down the stairs screaming. When we finally got out of the building, into the car and out of earshot, we screamed for a few minutes straight.

It's times like that - they're the reasons we put ourselves through it all and work when it's sunny outside. I have no idea if I'll be able to close this sale tomorrow, but whatever happens, you can bet that in the afternoon I'll be looking for ways to find the next person to pitch to.

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Blogger Duncan said...

It's fair to say that tomorrow could be the biggest day of our lives. Yes, its just another day, and yes, if we fail to make the sale there will be other days, but my fingers are well and truly crossed that tomorrow is the first day of something very special.

I look forward to whooping in the car when the first sale comes (which it will, I have no doubt)

10 April, 2005 20:35  

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