Friday, June 24, 2005

Coming high up in Google

Everyone wants to do well in the major search engines

One of the most common questions we are being asked at the moment is can we come high up in Google? The answer, of course is that it depends what keywords you are targeting and how much effort you are prepared to put in to get the outcome you desire.

WandD's search engine consultancy

A popular, and growing side of our business is advising on strategies for online growth. This encompasses a number of areas but includes coming high up in Google.

There is no magic bullet and we refuse to engage in any of the dodgy tactics you sometimes hear about. We don't want customers thrilled with results one minute then having their online reputation destroyed the next. We are starting to see some success in some of our campaigns and our monthly 'online profile-raising' support services are our biggest growth area.

As an example of how things can turn out well, see the official website of Val Tyler, author of the Time Wreccas and the Time Apprentice. We started working on this site at the end of 2004 and (at the time of writing) it has achieved:

KalkanHaven, Turkish Villa

Another recent success story is the result of the very generic search Turkish Villa on Yahoo where Kalkan Haven, our Turkish Villa website comes in at number 6 (at the time of writing).

Our search engine services

We're pretty proud of this - given the number of high-profile sites with pages about the books and how generic the search Turkish villa is. If you think your business could benefit from our services, get in touch.

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