Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The entitlement generation: start your own business

Something about Andrew Whitacre's rant on the entitlement generation made sense to me.

It's a rant about the low levels of responsibility available in jobs for recent graduates and how there are aspects of our education that places us particularly well to deal with modern business culture.


In particular, his rant number 3: Are you aware of how little time it actually takes us to do things? struck a chord. How many times have you written a script to do something or simply learnt how to do it in a better and quicker way? The generation just reaching their mid-twenties has a combination of skills that are incredibly rare in older generations. In the companies I've worked for (much as I learnt from the experience), these skills were handled by the offloading of repetitive tasks to the new guys not only because we were new, but also because we did them so damn well (well, our computers did, actually).

I don't see this changing any time soon in most established companies which is part of the reason that we have gone down the route referred to in the rant and started our own company - now we have all the responsibility we can handle.

Duncan and I were talking today about the future and what our company wants to become. One thing's for sure - web design is only the beginning. We're free now to explore our ideas and we're very keen to build multiple revenue streams over time, which is why we're going to have blue sky breaks where we have mad rushes to develop crazy business concepts in an afternoon. Watch this space for the results.

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Blogger John Franklin said...

Totally agree that starting your own business is an EXCELLENT cure for the issues outlined by Whitacre. While hating bad managment and bureaucracy, I am more or less unsympathetic with Whitacre's complaints. I think a much better solution for people who really feel they are shut out of business by dynamics like the ones he cites is to go out and start their own. Kudos to you guys!

30 June, 2005 15:27  

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